Issue 02

$ 12.00

Crisp as a dollar bill. For better or worse, our finances have a profound influence on our lives. Our only wish? That our collective pursuit (or rejection) of dollars and cents leads to prospects that excite, delight, and inspire. Issue 02 features:

  • The Scribbler: twenty questions with artist Shantell Martin by Jenna Wortham
  • Printed Matter: a fashion spread brimming with muted patterns on patterns, shot by Kacie Tomita
  • The Mystery of the Female MC: on why so few lady rappers make the leap from MC to mogul, written by Zeba Blay
  • Part-Time Grind: Lauren McQuade explores the trials and tribulations of the hourly wage worker
  • A New Normal: a post-peak trend analysis of normcore by Elizabeth Karp-Evans
  • Combs galore, a chat with the chefs behind some of New York City’s best Asian cuisine, cleaning house with Homejoy, a day in TriBeCa with ARC Objects’ Daniela Jacobs, and more