Issue 01

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Wet, hot, American. A season both stifling and bright, summer sends us places—across the country in search of adventure, to the beach for a dip in the ocean, around the corner for ice cream. Issue 01 features:

  • In Her Own Words: an oral history chronicling the success stories of Christene Barberich (Refinery29), Andrea Linett (Sassy, Lucky), Anna Holmes (Jezebel), Anaheed Alani (Rookie), and Mitzi Miller (Honey, Jane, Jet, Ebony).
  • Outside the Box: a first-person piece on the power of mementos by Tomboy Style's Lizzie Garrett Mettler
  • A look at L.A. through the eyes of a local, shot by Jimmy Marble
  • Beneath the Surface: a profile of Dr. Linda J. Spilker, Project Scientist on the Cassini exploratory mission to Saturn, written by A Wolfe
  • Juke Joint: a southern music hall-inspired fashion spread by photographer J. Quazi King
  • A contemporary look at Compton, the summer of 1989 revisited, cocktail recipes, Q&As with five American makers, a visit to Brooklyn’s Burrow bakery, and more